Windmill Angus

9 reasons to buy a Windmill Angus Bull:

1.     22 lbs heavier on arrival

2.     72 lbs heavier at harvest

3.     0.57 better average daily gain

4.     0.20 better dry matter feed conversion

5.     39 lbs heavier carcass

6.     2.1% more CAB

7.     17.9% more choice

8.     2.4% less No Rolls (devoid in marbling)

9.     3.2% less Yield Grade 4’s


Comparison between Windmill Angus steers fed at Decatur County Feed Yard and yard average of similar arrival weight steers closed out during the same quarter. (3rdquarter2008)

"The goal of retained ownership is simple…adding weight to cattle profitably. Making it happen is much more complex."

Genetically superior cattle will pay you a premium every day you own them if your production cost is comparable to the producer of "average" calves. If your cattle are truly genetically superior to the average, your increased production (gain/efficiency) will show up as a premium.

If your cattle have superior carcass merit (quality/yield grades), you can sell on a value-based grid and receive a premium above "average" cash cattle. The common denominator to increased return from genetically superior cattle is RETAINED OWNERSHIP




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